Homeless Youth Essentials – Backpacks And More

Its with less than an enthusiastic task to discuss this topic, but with 1500 LGBTQ homeless youth in Louisville, KY alone, it was going to come up.

How Did We Get To Backpacks?

While reviewing the SEO / SEM performance of LFI’s Google Ad grant I noticed many of the searches that triggered folks to find our site were likely the best topics we could address.  First lets address something I mentioned before, the backpack.  I’ve allowed people to stay at my home from time to time and one thing I became aware of quickly was the value of a backpack.

One friend would move it from room to room as he moved around, it made sense will you consider it.  To me I said it made me feel he wasn’t taking any risks in my house.  I pointed out that I was taking a risk by having someone in my house who could leave with everything he owned within 3 minutes.  We came to relax the posture and when someone was placing a lock on their bedroom door, I said that it suggested he was drawing the line at that door…while I was drawing it at the front door.

Its important to have privacy, its also important to have your own territory.  But its equally important to build alliances with those you live with and agree that closed doors, locked or not are closed for a reason.  That the front door was the last line of defense though, that we should all feel safe among the people who make it past that door.

Ready And On The Go

But without a place to live I get it, the backpack is the last line of defense and it carries everything someone deems necessary.

It may be that you’re looking to buy someone a backpack, maybe youre in some situation where youre planning to need it but here are several backpacks I think my associates would endorse.

Please note, we are not affiliates of Amazon and get no money from the following products, these are just honest ideas.